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The French respiratory health association advocates digital health for people


Digital technology must be designed as a tool to serve people suffering from chronic diseases, caregivers and health professionals to improve the management and care pathway, pleads the association Santé respiratoire France, which spoke on October 14 at its annual conference in Paris.

Biosency puts AI on the wrist of patients with heart failure


The fight against smoking is not new.... More than half a century later, the evidence remains the same: smoking undoubtedly increases the likelihood of disease and death. Among the diseases to which smoking exposes you is COPD, or chronic obstructive pulmonary disease.

It is against this extremely widespread pathology that the startup Biosency has decided to fight. Here is the insight of its co-founder, Yann Le Guillou.

French medtech in search of champions - Le monde


Although the know-how of French medical device specialists is recognised, start-ups in this field are still struggling to raise funds. The State has promised them 400 million euros....

Awards 2022 by Epopée. Five Breton companies with impact rewarded - Bretagne economique


On Thursday 3 February, the Awards 2022 ceremony recognised five innovative companies based in Brittany. Among them, Biosency, co-founded by Marie Pirotais from Rennes, which received the prize for Digital Breton Woman of the Year ....

A connected bracelet from Brittany allows remote monitoring of the health of Covid patients hospitalized at home - France 3 Bretagne


A Brittany-based start-up has created a connected bracelet that allows the health of Covid patients still on oxygen to be monitored remotely. This remote monitoring allows them to return home and thus free up hospital beds.....

Heart failure: the start-up Biosency wants to move from remote monitoring to crisis prediction - Tic pharma


The Breton start-up Biosency, which offers a connected bracelet for patients with chronic cardio-respiratory insufficiency, wants to take the next step by integrating a seizure prediction algorithm into its medical device (MD), explained its president, Marie Pirotais, on 19 November at TICpharma ....

Biosency, the medtech that is changing the lives of chronically ill and Covid patients - Forbes


Telemedicine, and in particular remote monitoring of chronically ill patients, is no longer an option. The Covid-19 health news has demonstrated this: it has highlighted the crucial need for connected devices allowing not only remote monitoring of physiological parameters but also the need for a direct link between patients and healthcare professionals...

E-health as a response to medical deserts - Public Sénat

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Bora band® device - FranceTvInfo


BOREAL study - Interview with Pr ROCHE

E-MEUSE study - Interview with Dr CORNU

DACRE study - Interview with Dr BRINCHAULT

Remote monitoring - Interview with Dr LE GUILLOU