Bora care®

Bora care® is an integrated home remote monitoring solution, easy to use, without patient intervention, to optimize the care pathway and quality of life. A disruptive digital solution, integrating the analysis of clinical data, which facilitates the coordination of healthcare professionals.

Bora care® is modular and makes it possible to collect data from respiratory assistance machines and to measure the vital signs of the patients being monitored. It integrates the Bora connect® platform, complete, interoperable, allowing data visualization, configuration and monitoring of alerts.

Bora connect® Platform

Bora connect® is an online vital signs and respiratory support machine data visualization platform. It is also available via the playstore for the mobile version.

Easy to use

  • Available online on your internet browser
  • Patient management via a simple and intuitive dashboard
  • Intelligent alert system: alerts on data collected and adapted to the needs of each patient


  • CE MDR Class IIa certified medical platform
  • Certified compliant with ANS requirements (cyber, interoperability, etc.)


  • Easily interfaces with other platforms (SDK/API) or other connected devices


  • Reliability of vital sign measurements: clinically validated heart rate, respiratory rate and SpO2
  • Ability to export processing reports

Bora flow module

Bora flow is a remote monitoring module for patients on respiratory assistance.

Bora flow*, easy to use and intuitive, offers healthcare professionals a complete clinical dashboard with a customizable alert system, providing them with the information necessary to effectively evaluate and monitor patients on respiratory assistance.

Easy tracking: An alert system allowing the rapid identification of patients at risk but also the detection of events linked to use, compliance with treatment, as well as changes in health status.

Modifiable settings: Customizable access for each healthcare provider and sharing of reports/alert histories

Bora flow is certified as complying with the requirements of the HAS and the ANS, thus allowing its eligibility for reimbursement by Health Insurance.

Bora band® module

Bora band® is a connected bracelet allowing the measurement and monitoring of vital signs in real life.

Lightweight, autonomous and discreet, Bora band® is a device suitable for remote monitoring of patients with respiratory insufficiency in their everyday life, thanks to automatic and regular measurements taken from the bracelet.

  • Reliable : provides quality clinical parameters
  • Ergonomic : easy-to-use single button
  • Autonomous : battery life up to 5 days
  • Waterproof : IP64 compliant
  • Materials biocompatible And non-allergenic

Bora band® is CE MDR class IIa certified and produced exclusively in France.

Option Bora box

An easy data transmission system

Bora box is a pre-configured mobile phone which allows the transmission of clinical data from the Bora band® connected bracelet to the Bora connect® platform in such a way:

  • secure
  • automatic
  • without patient intervention.

Bora partner option

Possible integration on your platforms

Bora partner allows the integration of the Bora band® into your remote monitoring platform.
The bracelet data is thus sent to your interfaces thanks to the provision of an SDK and an API, thus avoiding the multiplication of applications and easier visualization of the data.

Data security

We have implemented all means to provide protection
of your personal data :

  • End-to-end encryption
  • Regular security audits
  • Bracelet protection by certificate
  • Compliance with all provisions of the European General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR)

Our teams continue to maintain this level of security on a daily basis.

Legal Notice :

Bora band® is a non-invasive device used on the wrist to measure (intermittent data collection) physiological parameters, record them, process them and store them to subsequently transmit them to a web platform in order to facilitate patient monitoring. from a distance. There is no screen on Bora band®. Bora band® measures, records and processes:
functional oxygen saturation of arterial hemoglobin (%SpO2),
heart rate (HR), respiratory rate (FR), skin temperature (T°C).

Bora band® is suitable for use in adult patients with respiratory failure and satisfactory perfusion. It is intended for use at home, outdoors and in medical settings.

Bora connect® is a web platform for healthcare professionals intended to:
(I) transfer and display device information and physiological parameters transmitted remotely by the patient's device(s). It is intended to support the medical monitoring of patients suffering from respiratory failure.
(II) provide information to monitor the physiological conditions, health status or diseases of patients with respiratory failure. The information may include visual notifications for patients who are outside the thresholds previously defined in Bora connect® by the healthcare professional.
Bora connect® is also available as a mobile application.

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